About me

Here I will tell a little more about me. My name is Ivo Petkov. I was born in 1988 in the city of Sofia.

Иво Петков - за мен
Ivo Petkov

I completed my secondary education at the Exarch Antim I High School of Science and Mathematics in the city of Vidin.

I continued my education at TU-Sofia (KEE) majoring in “Applied Electronic and Computer Technology”. There I was lucky to come across good professors who know how to present the material to their students.

Иво Петков - за мен
Ivo Petkov

Then I graduated “Information Technologies” at UniBIT. Again, I completed a semester master’s degree in “Electronic Business and Electronic Management” there.

Among my interests are:

  • CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc., as evident from this site.
  • Data analysis using MS Excel or other similar tools. Or in other words, the moment after the export when the data starts to “talk” about what could be improved.
  • Optimization of processes, whether at work or in personal life. I am of the opinion that everything should be done with minimal effort and with minimized probability of error. After all, “laziness” is the basis of progress. Maybe that’s why I was inspired by a story about a Japanese toothpaste company. There they had a problem that empty boxes were packed in the cartons. Accordingly, a person was appointed to be responsible for quality control of this process. After a while, the director goes to see how things are going and what to see. The person in charge is stretched out on a chair, and a fan is placed against the assembly line, which unmistakably monitors the control of empty boxes. I never miss an opportunity in practice to take advantage of a “fan”.

I currently work as Product Analyst at CT Interactive.